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Friday, January 23, 2015


Coverage of DeflateGate
By Patricia Moloney Dugas, Palm Springs via Boston, freelance writer.

Delicious!  Thank heavens it wasn’t the Cleveland Browns.  No one would care a twit.  But the Patriots!  Bill Belichick – the greatest coach ever!  And sacred Tom Brady, becoming the greatest quarterback ever!  Oh yes! Another chance to slam them all in Boston -- the greatest sports town ever!

Oh, how delicious!  Cleveland, you are safe – nobody cares if you even bump off detractors.  But the shameless, endless, leaping and bounding all over this Patriot story, exaggeration be-damned -- let the ink flow.  The often malicious joy of tearing down, ridiculing, and castigating their greatness is far too delicious to let slip by. The gossip hungry, blather bonkers are having a field day.

Gossip you say?  Isn’t that just for flighty little girls?  Oh, contraire!  Guys (&gals), sports pundits, grid-iron grunters, non-football tattlers, frenzied bottom-feeders are lying in wait for the next morsel of tattle tailing trivia.  A Fox News gold mine!  Come on, Belichick, say something dumb and meaningless! 
They push aside the pro reports that pigskin pre-prep has always been precarious.  What do they know? They only played the game themselves.

Coverage of the game – oh yes, there is a game -- the Super Bowl – that’s now secondary to the Deflate Bowl. They will reluctantly give up Deflation Nation to cover the game, but focusing on what the Patriots will do next to tweak the rules.  Meanwhile, we football purists are deprived of endless, delectable coverage of the Super Duel between Seattle and New England -- details we can salivate over. Not trivia tattle-trash.

For shame, guys. Get over it. Show some class. Prove gossip-mongering is beneath you.

Let Boston remain the greatest – slightly tainted – but still the greatest. 

Enjoy the game.   Pat Dugas,  
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