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Welcome to Palm Springs

My home in Palm Springs, California: palm trees & sand, mountains & snow, windmills & wildflowers - and maybe a Margarita.

I took the above photograph from the Information Center on route 111
entering Palm Springs.

Sand & Wind -- Mountains & Snow -- Windmills & Wildflowers

Palm Springs is in the desert. Yes, carved out of the sands, winds, and mountains surrounding the Coachilla desert. 73 degrees all winter with sporadic rain showers and a tad hotter in the summer – more like 105 degrees average.

Like the desert reptiles, we come out at night and hide under the rocks -- the rocks that float in our margaritas.

Colin Firth arrival for the Film Festival

The Palm Springs International Film Festival grows in prestige every year to draw in celebrities and film lovers from all over the world. I got to see Colin Firth here when he won for “The Kings Speech.” Sigh.. That's the level of celebs I'm talking about…
There is still high Hollywood drama here in town. Memories of those once famous celebrities that lived and played here permeate the shops and restaurants. The stars on the sidewalks, the homes of Bob Hope, Elvis Presley, Dinah Shore, Liberace, and their celebrity friends are still attractions to the older folks who remember them.
The Annual Calander
The snowbirds arrive in late Fall, wander downtown Palm Canyon Drive in shorts and golf attire, trying out all the eateries, shoppees, and Happy Hours. Everyone you meet is from somewhere else and eager to chat. The sidewalks are filled with happy tourists. I love this time of year.
April starts the departure – snowbirds leaving to return to the north country. Oregon, Washington, back East, Canada and maybe San Fransisco.

May - is the real scatter. The heat arrives, friends already gone, eateries running out of food – and patience.

June! The streets are bare, the restaurants go on summer schedule or close for the season, the second team of chefs are all that’s left. There are no more activities being scheduled – but there are great sales in the shoppes that were filled with customers 2 months ago.
July, August, and September – This is when the remaining natives stay inside to write their memoirs, clean out closets, diet, eat salads, and wave to neighbors at the mailbox, then scoot back inside. They rekindle their Kindles & Ipads. Twitter, Text, and Facebook are the only societal means of communication - unless you meet them at midnight at Trader Joe's - buying more salad.

Yes, this is celebrity town.
Come and visit our International Film Festival, our Short Film Festival, the very International Indian Wells Tennis Championships, the Tram rising from 0 to 8500 feet, Gay Pride Week, Biker Week,

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